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Sauer 100 Classic with muzzle thread .270 Win


With the S 100 Sauer raises the standard in the entry class of the repeating rifles to a new level.


The Convincing Features of the S 100, such as adjustable direct deduction, three-postion fuse, cold hammered original sour barrel make the Sauer 100 the measure of things within its class.

  • Dark Stained Beech Wood For model Classic
  • Neutral Butting For Right and left stop
  • Cold hammered Original Sour run
  • Three positions-fuse


Hinweis - Neue Kartenpreise ab 1. August 2019


Pistolenstand20,00 EUR
Schusskanal10,00 EUR
Kombiticket28,00 EUR


Pistolenstand400,00 EUR
Schusskanal120,00 EUR
Kombiticket480,00 EUR