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MircoRONI Conversion Kit for Glock


The Roni System of the CAA Company Tactical Allows the shooter a faster shooting sequence with higher precision. It is a carbonfibre reinforced Plastic-Aluminum Material. The Roni is compatible with Glock 17, 22, 31, 19, 23, 32. Simply open and insert pistol (without changes to the gun and without tools)


The belt and the tactical light as well as the model pistol are not included in the delivery!

Available in khaki, OD green and black.


Hinweis - Neue Kartenpreise ab 1. August 2019


Pistolenstand20,00 EUR
Schusskanal10,00 EUR
Kombiticket28,00 EUR


Pistolenstand400,00 EUR
Schusskanal120,00 EUR
Kombiticket480,00 EUR