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Blaser K95 Edition shortened Incl. muzzle thread. 243 Win


Line tipping bushes of ball are extremely light, führig and can be quickly and easily displaced.
The rifle is shortened, so it is ideal as a rifle for ladies. The mounting and the visor are not included in the scope of delivery.

As with almost all ball guns, the K95 also has a separate hand tension and thus provides maximum safety in handling the rifle. The tipping block closure also withstands the highest pressures. The Feinabzug allows precise shots.

The K95 Edition version has the following features:

  • System box without side plates, black anodized, with "golden" K95 lettering
  • Walnut Wood Class 2


Hinweis - Neue Kartenpreise ab 1. August 2019


Pistolenstand20,00 EUR
Schusskanal10,00 EUR
Kombiticket28,00 EUR


Pistolenstand400,00 EUR
Schusskanal120,00 EUR
Kombiticket480,00 EUR